Do You See Pink and White or Blue and Grey?!

October 12, 2017

Twitter | @dolansmalik


Remember the black/blue vs. white/gold dress controversy?  Well, it's happening again.  On October 11th, a Twitter user uploaded a pic they'd seen on their feed of a shoe they were convinced was pink and white, but many others saw blue and grey.  It immediately went viral on both Twitter and the microblogging platform Tumblr with people swearing left and right by what colors they saw.  

If you have your doubts about this actually being a thing, we can tell you it's 100% true!  Riggs & Alley see pink and white, while Gibbons, Intern Cuervo, and Intern Winona see blue and grey!

The source of the images was from Twitter user @dolansmalik, with the picture going viral under another user @TFILDOLANS.  The images are below, so tell us what you see!

Are you Team Pink and White or Team Blue and Grey?

(image source: @dolansmalik)

And here's an edited version in case you cannot see the pink and white of the shoe!