Blue's Egg Could Be Coming to Shorewood

September 11, 2017

ID 10767949 © Bob Thomas | Dreamstime

Bloodies? Mimosas? Monkey Bread? We are so in! 

Blue's Egg is a popular brunch resturaunt currently located at 317 N 76th St. and it has been revealed that a second location is in the works! Plans are not final, but if everything goes well the new location would be placed at 4195 N Oakland Ave. in Shorewood. The new location would be in the Mosaic building which houses 96 apartments and 16,500 square feet of retail space. The building just opened this year and already is home to a Mod Pizza, a pet store, a fitness center, and more.

When it comes to the food, Blue's Egg features items like monkey bread, stuffed hashbrowns, and all of those great brunch cocktails that get us up on a Sunday morning. If all goes smoothly the resturaunt could be opening as early as April 1st. So keep a look out for the new Blue's Egg that may be popping up in Shorewood!

To get more details on the new location click here.