Black Friday Isn't Just For Big Box Stores And Online Retail!

November 14, 2017

© Sergii Kolesnyk | Dreamstime

What comes to mind when I say "Black Friday?" Using Gibbons' crystal ball, I would say you thought of long lines outside of a big box store. However, some people are starting to gather outside, fingers numb around alcohol bottles in the cold. This doesn't sound as bad as it seems because these people waited for a special-release beer from Lakefront Brewery. Particularly, they waited for Lakefront Brewery's barrel-aged imperial Stout Black Friday beer!

Last year, people who lined up for this legendary beer, an estimated 1,600 people, waited for more than just a beer. According to Eric Sullivan, who has been to every Lakefront Balck Friday event since 2012 claims, "The first year I went because it was a novelty. The thing that keeps me coming back is the community and the awesome people." Black Friday in Milwaukee is no longer a shopping day - it is a beer loving day.

Lakefront Brewery was the only Milwaukee brewery to host a Black Friday event five years ago. This year, 11 craft brewers and brewpubs have annouced a special-release beer for the Thanksgiving weekend. When Lakefront Brewery hosted its first Black Friday event, it merely gave people something to do on that day.

The Lakefront Brewery president decided to first host brewery tours the Friday after Thanksgiving at 8 a.m. After he noticed that sales were not affected by the tours, the company offered a speical-release beer the next year. Crowds lined up outside the brewery long before the doors opened. A Black Friday Milwaukee tradition was born. Check out the full story and details here!