Why Does Gibbons Have That Summertime Sadness?!

Seriously...It's AWFUL

August 12, 2019

Getting sick sucks enough as it is....but getting HELLA sick during the Summer is downright SAD. So WTF happened? Let me explain....

A few Fridays ago, Alley and I weren't feeling so hot. Both of our throats were KILLING US....so Alley the Mom went into illness investigator mode. "GIBBONS! OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SAY AHHHHH!" she screamed.....aaaand then we discovered what was up.

I had white spots ALLL OVER the back of my throat. I wasn't alone, though, because Alley had even MORE white spots! Oh no! This was BAD NEWS.....So then we went to Urgent Care together (not weird at all, right?!) SPOILER ALERT! We BOTH had strep throat. AAAAAND there went my awesome weekend plans. The wrestling death match I'd waited a month for?! Yup, couldn't go. The bar crawl I was going to!? Nope.

Moral of the story!? Being sick suuuuuuuuucks. Take care of yourself...and eachother!

- @RadioGibbons