THIS Video NEEDS To Go Viral!

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March 11, 2019

So, as you may have been able to tell by the picture above, this video THAT MUST GO VIRAL features Riggs, Alley and myself. Now a little backstory....

We were at a Bucks game, like, two years ago. It was WAAAAY back when they played in the Bradley Center. The Bucks were battling my hometown Philadelphia 76ers. Riggs, Alley and I had JUST taken our seats and decided to hop on Social Media (I believe it was Snapchat) to let the world know that we were, as the kids say, OUT HERE....and then it happened. Okay, before I explain further, here's the actual full video. Watch it!

Okay, now watch it again....and pay close attention to Riggs' LEFT hand

WTF is his left hand doing?!?! Why did it betray him and knock over what was a VERY expensive beer?! it ONCE MORE....

...and  know this! Where did the spilled beer wind up?! On a family that was seated in front of us. That's right. Riggs spilled a hella expensive beer on a family with two young kids. Just in case you somehow missed the video...

Now, do me a favor and SHARE this ish because it NEEDS to go viral!


- @RadioGibbons