VIDEO: Mamma G Stopped A Show At The Rave

November 18, 2019

My mother, Mamma G, has only lived in Milwaukee for a couple of weeks and she's already making quite a name for herself in the local music scene. After nailing an interview to do security at The Rave, I took Mamma G to see one of her favorite artists A$AP Ferg. Always the smooth talker, she was able to sweet talk someone into letting us up in the VIP section.....and that's when the magic started...

With a beer in each hand, Mamma G started dancing and people quickly started to notice. Within 5 minutes, people were coming up to her, giving her daps and telling her she was KILLING IT (which she was). And then randomly, A$AP Ferg yelled out "CUT THE MUSIC!"......aaaaaand then THIS HAPPENED!

That time @realmammag stopped @asapferg show @theraveusa

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Also in audio form:

That's right. No need to adjust your eyes. What you're seeing is 1000+ people in their 20s going APE over my 57 year old mother dancing her heart out and having the time of her life. Oh, and she's now working security at The Rave, so if you see her, go say hi!

Has your mother ever stopped a concert at The Rave by twerking? Got any wild mom stories? Share them with me on social @RadioGibbons