JMatt Is To Blame For ALL OF THIS

Looking For Someone To Yell At? Look No Further

April 29, 2019

JMatt is, like, the most cheerful dude EVER. Seriously. He always has a smile on his face, always has a (usually not THAT funny, but still worthy of a pity laugh) joke to crack and is just an all-around swell fellow....and recently I've been SO MAD AT HIM!!!

Why, you ask? Because the dude LOVES snow. I understand that we live in Wisconsin and he's a born-and-bred Sconnie, so he's kind of predisposed to enjoying Winter a little more than the average American....but his obsession is beyond strange.

The following photo was taken the first day it hit 70 degrees in Wisconsin.

Clearly, he's not feeling it.....

Moral of the story? The next time you're so cold you can barely breathe, just know JMatt is LOVING IT....and let him know how you feel by hitting him up on social @JMattMKE!!!!! Or maybe I'm completely wrong about all of this and everyone loves freezing temps and snowstorms when it's nearly May...


- @RadioGibbons