I'm Sooooo Over The Snow

I Know I'm Not Alone

February 12, 2019

It seems like it wasn't THAT long ago that pretty much everyone had one common complaint:"WHERE IS THE SNOW?!?!?". I'll admit it. I was one of these people. I couldn't wait for a big ol blizzard so I could play with my girlfriend and her kids in the snow. I envisioned it looking something like this:

Seriously. They Look SOOOOOO Happy, Right?!


And then....IT HAPPENED. Over the course of a few days, we were blasted by a BUNCH OF SNOW. There was way more than enough snow to go out and play. 

QUICKLY I realized this was a more accurate representation of my Winter Wonderland:

This Is The Reality

AWWWW YEAH!!!! (said no one ever). Within, without exaggeration, FIVE MINUTES both kids were totally over it. "I'M COLD!" "MAKE ME A SNOWMAN!" "YOU KEEP PLAYING WITH HER INSTEAD OF ME!" and finally "WE WANT TO GO INSIDE!"

And, just like that, the girls were over it...and guess what? I'm over it, too. 

Am I alone here or are you over the snow, too? Get at me on all the social medias and give me your opinion!

- @RadioGibbons