I Have The CRAZIEST New Year's Resolution

I Bet You Never Saw This One Coming

December 31, 2018

'Tis the season for a new you! You've made it through the holidays with (at least some) of your sanity and money, made your friends and family happy, and are now ready to focus on YOU! Helllloooooo New Year's Resolutions! Many people's resolutions involve bettering themselves in a multitude of ways (going to the gym, dieting, etc) but mine is...well..a little different.

Ya see, 2018 was a rough one for your boy health-wise. I was sick a whooooole lot...like, too much. So for 2019, my New Year's Resolution is simple...DON'T DIE!

What's YOUR New Year's Resolution? Find me on all the social medias and share yours with me! 

- @RadioGibbons