Have You Done IT Yet?!

I Mean...Seriously....Everyone's DOING IT!

April 1, 2019

Let's get real for a second, k?! Stop what you're doing what now and look at the calendar while you ponder these questions: HAVE YOU DONE IT YET?! ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT DOING IT?! WHY ARE YOU WAITING TO DO IT?! 

Okay....while pondering those questions, you're likely wondering WTF "it" is. Am I talking about doing the hibbity dibbity?! Knocking boots?! Hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing?! And the answer is....

NO! For once I'm in no way, shape or form referring to anything even REMOTELY sexual. In fact, the thought of DOING IT actually turns me off!

Now for the reveal....I'm wondering if you've (pause for dramatic purposes) STARTED SPRING CLEANING YET?!?!

As someone who until a few months ago spent the past 6 years living in small apartments by myself, spring cleaning is brand new to me. I've made countless excuses to get out of doing it so far....but I'm just about out of excuses and will soon have to get started....UNLESS you can help me out by providing more excuses.

Feel free to send them my way on any and all social media. Get at me @RadioGibbons and, as always, thanks for reading my nonsense.