Gibbons Was So Angry When His Bank Screwed Him Like THIS!


July 15, 2019

The following story is a prime example of why I, Gibbons, prefer dealing with cash instead of putting my money in a bank. My bank ROYALLY screwed me over the weekend. How, you ask? Well, allow me to explain.

This past Friday was payday for this guy and I wanted to tear up Downtown MKE. Since I'm now a responsible adult, I decided to take a Lyft instead of driving. The driver was a swell fella, divorced, in his mid-30's, and about to end his workday after dropping me off. We had a great conversation, I gave him 5-stars and a nice tip....AND THEN THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN!!!!

Remember, it was PAYDAY, so I knew I'd have money in my account for at least 48 hours. I figured I'd just entered my new debit card's information incorrectly into my phone, paid with ApplePay, went to Elwood's Liquor & Tap and started drinking....and lemme tell ya, I was quickly feeling no worries. I was even joined by my good pal @JMattMKE AKA KISS Midday DJ, JMatt. We enjoyed Jager Bombs, Irish Car Bombs, and a bunch of other delicious drinks we were waaaay too old to be enjoying.....AND THEN THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUED!!!!!!!

The bar was closing and it was time to pay my tab. My homie Dan The Man behind the bar pulled me to the side and alerted me that my card was declined. "NAH BRUUUH!!! I GOT PAID TODAY!!! LIKE, I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY!!!" I slurred....but, uhhh...yeah.....they ran the card SIX TIMES and it got declined. Nothing like having to borrow cash from your friend's roommate to cover your bar tab. YIKES! Don't worry. I've since paid it back. I'm not THAT big of a scrub. BUT THE NIGHTMARE WASN'T OVER YET!!!

The next day at lunch, a little hair of the dog via a Bloody and some good fried food did the trick and quickly killed my hangover. Honestly, at this point I'd chalked up my card not working the previous night to me having a little bit too much fun. I know. That makes no sense. But, hey, I never claimed to be a genius. So I throw my card down to pay for lunch and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?! Thaaaat's right. "Um...sir, your card got declined. I ran it 4 times. Declined". This was the point when I wanted to crawl in a small hole and stay there for at least a week...but I didn't. Instead, I pulled out my app and showed the waitress that I did, in fact, have money in my account. Her response? "Okay...well I ran your card four times and four times it got declined. That'll be $39.57". Thanks to my girlfriend Erin for covering the meal.

I literally JUST got home from my bank because, dammit, I wanted answers and the Customer Service line sent me in circles and then hung up on me. So I get a face-to-face with a banker and....GUESS WHAT?! He decided the only way to settle this was to CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I wanted to scream...but I held it together. After 90 seconds on the phone with Customer Service, the banker hands me the phone. The guy on the other end of the phone goes "Mr. Gibbons....uhh...your card is all good and won't have issues. Thanks for using (insert name of bank HERE)." AND HANGS UP!!!!! He never explained why my card kept getting declined. The banker had no idea. And now I'll likely never know. If you're still reading this, you're a saint. Hit me up on social media with the message "oogaly moogaly" and there just may be something in it for ya!


- @RadioGibbons