Do Men Ever Wonder What It's Like To Be A Woman?!

Short Answer: Yes! Find Out How Gibbons Figured It Out

November 5, 2018

By the time you're seeing this, you've read the title and cover photo of this article and now you're probably looking for some answers. Do men ever wonder what it's like to be a woman? YES! YES! YES! Where did this Q&A come from? Allow me to explain. Last night, my girlfriend told me that she was planning on putting a face mask on her and her daughters to have a little "girl time" and asked me if I wanted to join them. If you know me, you know I'm always up to try something of course I said yes! I was IMMEDIATELY in love with this mask. Like, seriously.....all I could think about was how awesome being a woman must be. Getting to have "girl time" whenever you want, complete with face masks and great company?! SIGN ME UP! I started having daydreams about relaxing poolside, make-up done to the 9's without any effort, a drink in my hand LOVING LIFE because being a woman must just be so easy and simple! And then I made a terrible mistake. I opened my big mouth and said it: "OMG! Being a woman is easy! I could do this ALL DAY!" Naturally (and rightfully) this caused my girlfriend to FREAK OUT! The next hour or so was spent hearing my girlfriend explain just a fraction of what women go through on a daily basis and, let me tell ya, my eyes have been opened...and now I can't stop pondering what life as a woman would be like. Do I smell a week-long challenge on the horizon?! MAAAAAAYBEEEE!

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