Dirty Stallis Is NO MORE

Experience The Rebirth Of West Allis

October 15, 2018

If you grew up in this area, you've probably heard COUNTLESS stories involving West Allis being referred to as "Dirty Stallis". This phrase came from the town's reputation YEARS AGO for the debauchery and crazy times that were known to go down. Welp.....it's 2018, y'all, which means a rebranding of West Allis is LONG OVERDUE. I moved to the neighborhood about a month ago and can tell you the most out-of-hand crazy thing I've witnessed someone do was not clean up after their dog. (SPOILER ALERT! It was ME who didn't clean up after the dog...please don't tell on me!). By now, you've probably already seen the new logo, heard the new phrase of West Allis or maybe even visited their new website (HERE if you haven't), BUUUUT do you know the in's and out's of how the new logo and phrase and all around rebranding came to be? Oh, you don't?! Lucky for you, we had West Allis Mayor Dan Devine in the studio Friday before the big reveal Saturday afternoon and got the full scoop from him.

What do YOU think about the rebranding? Are you for it or do you think Dirty Stallis should live forever? Do you think the new hashtag is #ThatsWhyWestAllis or #ThatsWhyWeStallis!? Sound off in the comments below!

- Gibbons