Did You See This EPIC FAIL Of A Performance At The Bucks Game?!

This Cringe-Worthy Performance Went Down Over The Weekend

February 25, 2019

© Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So....after the dumpster fire that was the Fyre Festival, and the TWO subsequent documentaries shedding on light on what a total mess the doomed festival was from the start, Ja Rule's name is more relevant than....well, maybe ever!

Sure, his fame has turned to infamy but...fame is fame, right?! As part of the new "Renaissance Of Ja" (A name given and used by me and only me), Mr. Rule was asked to perform at Halftime of the Bucks game over the weekend as part of Bucks 90s Night. I'll admit it, I was kind of pumped for it. I mean, who DOESN'T love "I'm Real" by Ja and J-Lo.

And then.....OH AND THEN.....things went wrong IN A HURRY! To give full context, video of the entire performance is below. I'll Venmo you a dollar if you can get through it without cringing. (NOTE: That's a joke. I will NOT actually Venmo you a dollar.)

Also, much like the game itself, the REAL star of the halftime show was Giannis. The Greek Freak just COULDN'T wait for Ja's performance to end before getting some shots up during halftime. Peep the video HERE