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Publicly Shaming Bears Fans Is SO MUCH FUN!

January 7, 2019

The Packers aren't in the playoffs....and that sucks! But, with every bad thing comes a silver lining. The Bears, too, are now OUT of the playoffs!

If you don't pay attention after the Packers are out (and I don't blame you if you do), you may be wondering who gave the Bears a beating over the weekend. Good news, it was my hometown (and Defending Super Bowl Champions) the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Over the weekend, I ran into a "friend of mine" who's a DIEHARD Bears fan. I put "friend of mine" because, well, you can't fully trust someone who loves the Bears. After a few cocktails and lots of smack talk, we decided to put a wager on the game. 

As you know, things went my way....so we had my buddy Steve call in and sing our favorite song: "The Bears Still Suck"! YES! YES! YES! 

I KNOW you want to hear it, so I've posted the audio below. ENJOY and last, but not least, GO PACK GO!!


- @RadioGibbons