And The Award For Internet Troll Of The Day Goes To...

March 2, 2017

Kal Penn is best known for playing the stoner Kumar in the "Harold and Kumar Go To...." film series, but did you know he's also worked in the Obama administration? Oh yeah. It's true, Google it if you doubt me! He's still in the political world....kind of. He works on the show Designated Survivor, which just so happens to feature a replica of The Oval Office. This mock Oval Office also features a replica of the couch that Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway (I think that's what she does in the Administration. If I'm wrong, please don't write me hate mail or judge me. No one likes a judge.) recently brought to the news after she was photographed with her feet on it! Kal decided to troll Lady Conway and recreate the photo. It's pretty outstanding. Check out the photo of Kal-E-Anne HERE!