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Milwaukee Restaurants BAN Straws!

...Also Begin To Limit Table Water

March 16, 2017

Two restaurants in Milwaukee's Walker's Point are refusing to serve plastic straws in an effort to cut down on waste.

According to Anthony Downing, manager of La Merenda, the owners, who also own Engine Company 3, have decided to do away with straws to be more environmentally friendly.

"Most guests don't notice, a few guests do," said Downing. "We do offer compost things like bamboo stirs and stuff like that, but we don't offer plastic straws at this point."

La Merenda does keep a box of straws on hand in case someone desperately wants one or has a disability and needs one to drink.

Also in another effort to be more environmentally friendly, they stopped automatically serving water.

"Some people like to drink water with their meal, and some people don't want it at all and we just like to eliminate the wasted water from them," said Downing.

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