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Guy calls out Restaurant on Twitter for Firing Wife

I don't know how I feel about this. Part of me says "Lump it.. suck it up.. and move on like any adult should" - while the other part of me thinks it's so ridiculous/effective. You? Read More

Choc Mint Reigns

so this got my attention. Chocalate Mint Ding Dongs. I win. Read More

Send a Potato (Potato Face) not a postcard

Real mail is making a comeback.. because admit it.. it's exciting to get tangible mail and your phone is overrated. And the new thing is sending a potato with a picture on it. It must be 2017. Read More

HOnest Comics relate to your neediness

I guffawed to these comics. They unveil that easily embarrassed, insecure part of you.. the one you so desperately try to tuck in. Read More

Before Bed.... What are you doing?

Sorry, I sounded like that creepy co-worker who asks inappropriate questions. What I meant was.. 10 strong bedtime habits so you wake up feeling refreshed. I reailze that I've messed this up pretty good. Oh, and disregard the headline they use: "things the most successful people do".. success is a... Read More

A1 Sauce Hiding in the great Library Hijinx

I've always said that if you're gonna pull a prank, make it original, funny, and harmless. This is that prank. Read More