Stop Doing This- It serves no purpose

January 29, 2019

Stop doing this... It serves no purpose... Unless you like your blades snapped off by the wind. 

Yes... It's getting worse.

You see somebody put their wipers up the minute the temperature drops below 50 degrees and you think "they must know something" and then you do it too.  Until the day we have 40 mph wind gusts and your wipers snap off... or the spring in the wiper gives out because you put your wipers in the surrender position. 

You have a defroster for the ice buildup and if that doesn't work try a Frost Blocker (look it up) or those silica packets in your windshield (usually labeled "do not eat" in package). It's science... try it.  And put your wipers down... it looks stupid. 

Love you.