It's January! Top 5 Ways to still have fun

January 8, 2019

On the surface, January can seem like the most boring month ever.... especially if you've already spent all of your gift cards (you have).

But cliches make my skin crawl, so I refuse to let this month be a month just to get through with a gauche countdown the next warm weather event. 

Here's 5 ways to make sure you're not a January simpleton; and making certain  you do something interesting. 

1.  Batting Cages (Football's over.. let it go)  I went yesterday...and I'm exhilarated. (Indoor cages obviously - Milwaukee/Greendale/Mequon.. plenty to pick from)

2.  Spend as much time as possible hunched over wearing a creepy hoodie in the dark staring at a screen-- because that's the hallmark of peace and health.  I'm kidding. Stop doing that.  Take a walk or 3... you might even find a beautiful frosted leaf (pic above)

3.  The Domes. (Desert Dome is my favorite)  You never go. You always say you will, but then the your hoodie and pajama pants keep you home.  Good... because I don't want to see you wearing pajama pants in public... and nobody does else either. 

4.  American Science & Surplus - a hidden gem for science freaks with parts and more parts--actually Robot parts!.. plus all kinds of creative inspiration to make you create/innovate and forget it's not warm and sunny outside. 

5.  Brewery tours... there's too many to choose.. I'm not mentioning names because folks are sensitive in 2019.. but stick with the ones that have beer you can chew.. no offense to the people who like water disguised as beer.