Greatest Napping spots not in your bed

October 30, 2018

Welcome to seasonal darkness... I'm mean look!   It's dark outside... a lot.  I'm tired. You are too.  I think it's hilarious that folks have been duped into thinking that napping is for the weak.  

Nope.  It's for the smart.  Drop your pride, and power down... saggy face.  Here's a strong list of places to take a tall nap when you're not in the comfort of your couch/bed.  

1.  Your car.  Specifially in the Pick n Save parking lot in a far away spot where nobody wants to park the minute the temp drops below 55 degrees. 

2.  A park bench. (maybe wear a jacket in November)  The ultimate bench is a little far away though... on that really boring island in Door County... because there's nothing else to do. (pic above)- I nap. Plus - look.. that bench fits me like a glove. 

3. Work. There's quiet storage room, or an empty office somewhere.  Find it. Sleep>Lunch.  If you're "important" (an illusion of importance) enough to have your own office and you don't you use for naps.. your office / position is on borrowed time. 

4. The book store.  With the subtle sounds of muffled converstation, pages turning, coffee brewing... you can drift off on a cozy couch at that place you're thinking of.  It rhymes with Karnes and Flobel.

5.  Movie Theatres.  I rarely go to the movies... but when I do, it's the matinee.. and I take the best 7 dollar nap I've ever had.  

6.  Shopping Nap.  She likes to shop.... the fitting room area has a couch.  ps.. if you're not with someone - don't hang out in the fitting room area.. creepy

ok - I'm out. zzzzzzzzzzzz