The 5 Winter drivers: Which one are you?

November 26, 2018

After the first big snowfall of the season (almost a foot of snow fell where I live but this beautiful shot is at Whitnall Park), I'm immediately reminded of winter drivers... some are ok.  Some should stay home; forever. 

The question is, which winter driver are you? Here's the 5.

1.  The extremely aggressive driver.  They usually drive a truck or jeep with colossal tires that don't match.  They tailgate regardless of ice and snow-- and think that because they have 4 wheel drive, that means they have 4 wheel stop.  

We see them in the ditch on the way to work.  Is this you?  Sorry if it is. Please slow down so you don't die. 

2.  The scared/conservative driver:  They drive 18 mph in a 45 because there might be something that slightly resembles a snowflake falling from the sky.  Be careful.  They might be more dangerous than driver #1. 

3.  The distracted motorist (I got tired.. sorry bad pun.. um...tired of using the term "driver" so I used an old school term "motorist") who must have time traveled from 2003 because they still talk on their cell phones.. NOt hands free.  This is bad with or without snow/ice.

Please tell me that's not you.  Also note that texting and driving is the updated version of brainless driving.  Is that you? Of course it's not.

4.  The smoker and driver:  One of the only places left where it's still ok to smoke.  I sort of feel your pain. (I used to smoke a million years ago; but the problem is.. you can't multitask and you suck ( I know I did when I smoked)  at driving because of it. You're just as distracted as      the texter.

5.  You. You're none of these things.  you're a reasonable snow driver.  You act like you've been there before and drive with caution, wisdom, and bravery.  Thank you, for being you.. and that wasn't patronizing at all .. was it?