5 things you can do in Feb for an adrenaline rush

February 5, 2019

Let me start off by admitting that I'm risk averse. I'm the opposite of Riggs. I don't skydive, but I got your adrenaline rush right here.. for the safe socially akward indoorsy types.

1. Wait until the last day before updating your work email password.  C'mon.. you know you do it.. secretly getting a rush of rebellious adrenaline; refusing

to update the password a week ahead of time... it's your way of saying "I do what I want." Here's to getting locked out of our work emails!

2.  Drive with the windows down in this final stretch of winter, and sticking your head out the window like a dog.  People will look at you funny...

at least the few who aren't texting and driving (btw they're losers)

3.  Drink coffee after 4pm.  Sure we'll be up twitching and overthinking at 1am... but all those other sloths will be asleep missing out on .. um.. life?

4.  Using your debit card; unsure if you have a positive balance... oh the thrill when it goes through and you get to keep your pack of gum and floss..Adrenaline!!!!

5.  Go on social media and state your claim that bacon, Ariana Grande, Pink, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B are all overrated.. and wait for the nerve shattering

adrenaline-fueling fake- outraged response from rabid crazed fans that don't even know why they're offended .. but they are.    You're welcome.