5 random things I found in my dead washing machine

November 5, 2018

Our washing machine died; and being the mechanically uninclined toolbox that I am... I made it worse.  But I did discover some unexpected treasure in the drain pump.  I'm impressed with myself for saying "drain pump" and you are too.

1.  A key to a very old building of my previous employer (from 2005).  you think it still works?  

2.  An even older key from what looks like the year 1845.  Maybe our washing machine is, in reality, a time machine! .. and the space time continuum is what destroyed that washing/time machine???

3.  A very large coin most likely worth millions.  

4.  Smaller coins that may be slightly smaller in value.  Quite possibly only worth their face value. 

5.  A screw; which probably goes somewhere important.  I'll fix it. 

For now I'm washing clothes by hand like... it's 1845. Sorry to make you jealous of my glamorous life filled with new discoveries, ancient artifacts, and wondrous adventures.