5 positive Undigital distractions that start with "F"

January 15, 2019

the overhype of the new year has faded (good) but now what?  We need a positive distraction that isn't in front of a screen... or several to get through the rest of winter.

I came up with 5 and they sort of start with the letter "F"... I forced the "F" theme.... 

1.  Flowers (picture above from the flower of the month club)  She won't hate you for doing this; or get 'em for yourself.  Look at those colors!!!

2.  Food  I don't love green smoothies (they're fine) , but I love the way they look in contrast to the dirty ice/ melted snow carcass backdrop... so make the pretty smoothie that tastes like a tree and give it to the health nut in your house.  

3.  Fodder (also known as books)  I like reading about baseball this time of year.  My friend lives in Arizona and his kid is playing Winter Ball... I hate them. But a classic baseball book I suggest is "Veeck - as in Wreck." 

4.  Fluffy (dog).  Talk about a mood booster.... plus your dog wants to go outside for a walk and it's the perfect excuse to reinvigorate.  Oh, and didn't a dog walker help find Jayme Closs?  if that woman decided not to go for a walk, and be a human sloth on her couch-- what would have happened?  too cold to walk your dog? wear pants.

5.  Family ...Games -- I had the best time playing "Left Center Right" with my family over the weekend.  I won twice.