5 Most Returned Christmas Gifts

December 25, 2018

I don't get it.  I really don't.  The time and hassle it takes to return gifts... it's usually not worth my time.  But you... do you .. I guess.  

Here's the top 5 most returned Christmas gifts... you ungrateful cashgrabber. 

1.  Hardware/Tools. You might think... It's practical.. they need this stuff - but no- she/he - if they're a toolnut, then they already have the toolset you bought them.. Next.

2.  Kitchen Gadgets.  Yes on the surface that "Omelette Maker" or "Avocado Saver" seems genius... but it's non-functional/superfluous. If it is useful for some reason; then it's useful for about 2 weeks.

3.  Clothes  -- Unless you truly know the person, you're going to miss the mark on taste... even if it's only by a little... it's still a miss and then a quick return.  e.g. a nice button down shirt that's almost good enough to wear.... is still not wearable. 

4.  Video Games --- Gamers are passionate about what they like, and are way ahead of you.  They purchased everything already.... while you were .. um... working.. .. .. working hard to buy that outdated gift.  Good effort. Invite them outside to talk with real humans.. that's a good gift too. 

5.  Sweets... really?  I didn't believe when I found this out.  First of all who returns chocolates?  who asks for a gift receipt for salted caramel truffles?  Supposedly we're all sweeted out by Christmas, so don't bother.  Maybe buy them kale chips... or an avocado.. with an avocado saver.