5 favorite things about Thanksgiving that have nothing to do with food

November 19, 2018

Everybody's talking about the food for Thanksgiving.  Yep, I like food too. Wow.. we must be.. um.. foodies.  no. 

But here's 5 things I love about Turkey day that have nothing to do with turkey/ or any other food.

1. The Parade - Is it over the top cringy?  yep.  Is it sometimes so cheezy that you can't stop watching/look forward to the awesomely awful .. and enjoy the cringy cheese entertainment on steroids? Yes. I rest my case.

2.  Cheering for The Lions regardless of who they're playing. I've always felt sorry for the Lions; because they're from Detroit and they're usually terrible. It's a pity cheer... Go Lions!!

3.  Catching up with old friends; like Snoop Dogg pictured above at a holiday get together a few years ago... he didn't say much.

4.  Wiffle ball in the backyard.  Football is fine, but wiffle ball is everything as an all year tradition.

5.  Alternating coffee and wine in the same hour.  Can't do that on a normal Thursday.  Well... you can.. but don't. 

Happy Thanksgiving. -- me