5 Don'ts for This Weekend's Time Change

March 5, 2019

Spring Forward... this weekend already?  But if I can't feel my toes, then it's too cold to spring anything on my body. 

Ok fine, I'll do it.  But I'll do it right.  Here's 5 things to NOT do this time change season. 

1.  Do Not.. give into the grammar Czars of the internet who give the order that you can't say "Daylight Savings Time"... they claim you have to be 

correct and say "Daylight Saving Time".  Get a life.  Savingssssssss time. you lose. 

2. Don't read articles about how DST (Daylight SavingSSSSS Time)  is really bad for your health.  Sometimes the internet blows. Take a tall nap

Sunday afternoon and Monday too just to be safe.

3.  Don't get arrested.  Research on our perfect judicial system claim that judges give out longer prison sentences on "Sleepy Monday".

4.Don't cybershop.  People overspend on "Sleepy Monday"...I'm guessing because when we're tired, we buy stupid stuff.  

5.  Don't drive. There are way more car accidents immediately following DST.  Wow.. we're delicate creatures.  Have a weird spring  -- thanx -- Me.