10 Best things about October - I know I'm late

October 22, 2018

October is almost over; which means I've had plenty of time to determine what the best things are because of October. 

1. Fall Sunsets (upgraded by my dog e.g. pictured above)

2.  No AC/ No Furnace (update... I broke down like a delicate little flower and turned on my furnace 2 weeks ago)

3.  Crunchy leaves and wet leaves (to whap your friend in the face)

4.  Pumpkin Spice (just kidding - pumpkin spice tastes like a box of socks)

5.  Baseball becomes more interesting (until The Brewers lost) oops.  Go Red Sox!

6.  Sweating in a corn maze.... because it's gonna get really hot one more time before winter - right??? please????

7. Eating Chili (homemade chili.. not that storebought or dive restaurant swill.

8.  Christmas Shopping:  If you thought I was serious, please logoff.

9.  Pumpkin Bread:  This breaks my disgust of pumpkin spice rule. 

10.  I'm out of reasons.  9 is my favorite number. I changed my mind.. so it's 9 best things.  thanx!  bye. -- Me