Which Epic Music Festival Should You Attend Based on Your Astrological Sign?

Are you better suited for Coachella or maybe even Fyre Festival?

April 10, 2019

Music festival season is upon us! Read on to see which fest you should take a trip out to based on your astrological sign. 

Libra & Gemini: Coachella

You are a free spirit. Libras and Geminis are known to be peaceful, expressive, and thrive in the outdoors! This means you’ll fall in love with Coachella. You’ll have a blast choosing your unique Coachella outfit, and won’t mind camping in the Coachella Valley. These signs are also known to make friends very easily and be open-minded to new types of people. You’ll have no issues making new friends with the other creative free spirits of Coachella.

Imagine a world like this

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Aries & Leo: EDC Electric Daisy Festival

The Aries and Leo signs of the world belong to the fire element, making them passionate and full of life! You’ll love the hype and thrive with your energetic and cheerful qualities. You are confident and love to be creative. You’ll have an awesome time jamming to the EDC hits and have a blast making new friends with your confidence. These signs are also known to be stubborn and moody, so the good vibes of EDC will counteract these feelings.

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Taurus & Scorpio: Fyre Festival

As the resourceful and practical signs, you would have definitely been the best suited to face the Fyre Festival. Scorpios are extremely determined and are the best leaders. Taurus signs are very well grounded and patient. Although you may not want to go to the Fyre Festival, at least you know you’ll be well equipped to handle the situation. You also search for fun, so you’ll make the best of the festival! 

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Cancer & Pisces: Summerfest

You are very artistic and expressive, so you’ll definitely enjoy the wide variety of genres that Summerfest has to offer! These signs belong to the element of water, so you’ll feel right at home sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan while listening to new musicians. You also tend to be homebodies and love to spend time with close friends and family, so Summerfest will be an easy, local spot to meet up with your loved ones. 

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Sagittarius & Aquarius: Lollapalooza

These signs will thrive in the city vibes of Chicago at Lollapalooza because of your desire to travel and be surrounded by new people. Many music festivals are known for being in secluded areas, but with Lollapalooza, you can explore the windy city to fulfill your explorative and independent nature. Sagittarius and Aquarius are both deep thinkers who need to feel connected to the world. The diversity of Lollapalooza will give you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. 

Summer is coming. Have you locked-in your #Lolla tickets? Photo by @rohofoto

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Virgo & Capricorn: No music festival!

These signs tend to be over-analytical, conservative, and more serious. You likely won’t enjoy the craziness and carefree nature of music festivals. That is okay; it’s just not your thing! Your time can be better spent elsewhere, like with family or in nature where you tend to feel more at peace. You tend to get very connected to your work life, so still be sure to take a break sometime soon! 

It's like a 7th month hungry ghost festival concert without an audience (or maybe they are invisible spectators)! #ghost #haunted #seventhmonth #hungryghostfestival #emptyconcert

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