Macaulay Culkin Points at Landmarks in Milwaukee Wearing Bunny Ears (It’s Weird)

This is the most random Milwaukee thing you’re going to watch this month…

June 11, 2019

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This video started circulating around the internet today and well, we had to give it a watch because the title of “Macaulay Culkin Points at Milwaukee” is just too specific not to notice.

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And the video is literally just that… ‘Mack’ (wearing bunny ears) pointing at landmarks (and random things) in Milwaukee.

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Honestly, though, I was impressed that they stopped at Ma Fischer’s on Farwell… there were a lot of landmarks and that’s definitely a nod to the locals (that and Black Cat Alley). To survive the video, you may want to mute the video, or… don’t listen to us and do you!