Last-Minute Plans for Spring Break That Will Have You Ballin' on a Budget

Do you want to Party, Relax, be Active, or Volunteer? We have options!

March 15, 2019
Spring Break destination

Spring break is a precious piece of time that cannot be wasted! Just because you’re in college, does not mean you have to spend your time off in bed. Even with a small budget, there are plenty of ways to book last minute travel.

So, we'll help you out and walk you through transportation options, places to crash, and some location ideas based on your interests - whether you want to party, relax, be active, or volunteer!


  • Flights
    • Google Flights: This service makes it easy to compile the prices of flights across airlines, without ads like many other websites have. It also allows you to compare prices on different days. This means you could save hundreds of dollars just by leaving a day later or earlier.
    • Hopper: If you still have a few weeks before your spring break, check out this app. They’ll alert you the best time to purchase your flight for lowest prices, whether it is right now in a few days.
  • Busses
    • Greyhound: If you have a little more time to spend on transportation, you can spend a lot less money by taking a bus! Be sure to compare dates of departure and return to see the cheapest dates.
    • Wanderu: This site compares prices for transportation by bus and train. You can compile many services search results all on one website. They make it extremely easy to navigate.
  • Trains
    • ​Let's not forget that you can always take the Amtrak Hiawatha from Milwaukee to Chicago if you find a really good deal out of Chicago too!


Hotels in many cities are quite expensive, but there are many websites that offer access to much cheaper hospitality options - even free ones! Home rental sites allow you to save money and book last minute.

  • Airbnb
    • Although this may be an obvious option, we still want to tell you about it! Hosts from around the world offer up rooms, houses, apartments, guesthouses, etc. for you to rent. We found a room in busy NYC for $25; you can’t beat that!
  • Couch Surfing
    • This hospitality networking website offers -free- places to stay. Yes, free. Many hosts offer up space in their homes at no cost. This may sound like an odd concept, but many hosts are excited to hang out and show you around their city. You’ll get a couch to crash on and a personal tour guide!
  • VRBO
    • This site allows you to search for vacation rentals or second-home rentals. This means its great for bigger groups because you’re renting out a whole house! You can find amazing deals and split the price with your group.


We picked larger cities so that there are a greater number of places to stay, ways to travel, and things to do! Even if you don’t fit one of the four categories below, these cities still offer something for everyone.

1. Looking to PARTY?!

You’ve probably been to every frat house that your campus has to offer. It’s time for some new experiences! Check out one of these locations for nights you’ll never forget (but we both know you may not remember what happened the next day --).

2. Looking to RELAX?

If your university has you bogged down after a week of midterms, it’s your time to take a break and relax. These cities will become your paradise to refuel.

3. Looking to be ACTIVE?

The countless nights cooped up in your dorm equal the need to get out into nature and be active! These locations offer many opportunities for hiking, climbing, and beautiful sightseeing.

4. Looking to GIVE BACK?

Maybe partying isn’t exactly your thing. That’s okay! You can spend your time off giving back to the community and volunteer. You’ll get great experience, and still get away from home for a week.

Where are you going on Spring Break? Or are you having yourself a staycation (at home with your parents - we won't judge, we get it!)? Let us know on Facebook @1037KISSFM what your Spring Break plans are!