Wisconsin’s First Wahlburgers Location Opens in Brookfield (Another Opening in Milwaukee Soon)!

Does it live up to the hype of A&E’s “Wahlburgers” TV series?

September 26, 2019

As of this past Tuesday (September 24, 2019), Wisconsin has its first Wahlburgers location, located at The Corners of Brookfield (325 N Market Street, Brookfield, WI 53045)! Though they are open to the public, they haven’t had their official 'grand opening’ celebration yet, that will come at a later date.

If you’ve watched any of their 10 seasons of “Wahlburgers” on A&E, you’ve likely seen Mark and Donnie appear at several grand opening celebrations. Fingers crossed that when that day comes for their Wisconsin location(s) that they’re in attendance. Paul Wahlberg was in Brookfield leading up to the opening to speak with press and special guests during their soft opening.

I can’t say I’ve watched the show religiously, but have seen a few episodes here and there, so there was a little added excitement to try out their chain now that it was so close to where I live. They have plenty of seating options both inside and outside, including a unique bar with stools placed for you to look into the restaurant while enjoy what remains of our warm Wisconsin weather.

They have several TVs throughout the space, but what caught my eye in particular was that one of the TVs had an episode of “Wahlburgers” airing! It was a nice touch, let's watch an episode together as we enjoy a meal featured on the show.

They also have visuals throughout the inside that were custom to our area. Including a picture of Mark, Paul, Alma (their Mom), and Donnie in front of a display of our state of Wisconsin. Then above the kitchen is ‘BROOKFIELD’ in all caps. Hanging from the ceiling are a few panels that have titles and phrases that highlight what the brothers are known for (i.e ‘Four Brothers’, ‘NKOTB’, ‘Ted 2’, ‘The Other Guys’…).

I wasted no time ordering a Wahlcoction (an alcoholic beverage) and while there were many options, I settled on the Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita with sugar around the rim of the glass. That was dangerously delicious because it went down so fast, even with that kick of heat as an aftertaste.

Now, normally I’d have the same thing again if it’s THAT good, but I had to try something else off of their drinks menu. I am glad I did because I was wowed by another cocktail of story, this time it was their S’mores Adult Frappe with marshmallow vodka and chocolate ice cream. Get this, along the rim was marshmallow fluff with graham cracker crumble. Yes, it was just as good as that sounds!

During this first try of Wahlburgers, I had to order a BURGER… it’s in the name (sort of). I almost picked Paul’s choice (The Our Burger), but when I saw the BBQ Bacon burger (Donnie’s choice) I couldn’t resist. Sorry Mark, but your choice of the Thanksgiving Turkey Burger will have to wait for a future visit.

In addition to the burger, I ordered a side of thin crispy onion rings with hopes that they’d be similar onion strings and well… they were! Spot on and a great choice as a side, the quantity size was more ‘shareable’ than for an individual (as a heads up).

Worth pointing out that Wahlburgers did not pay me in any way to visit their location, I spent my own money on this meal and thoroughly enjoyed my first visit! Having grown up in Brookfield and seen so many businesses/restaurants come and go over the years, it excites me to see something come that I truly hope stays for a long time.

When you check Wahlburgers’ website, specifically Wisconsin locations, you’ll notice that Brookfield won’t be the only city with one. Turns out there is one coming to the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee too (322 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202). While I couldn’t find a definitive opening date, the knowledge that it will be ‘coming soon’ will work for me, for now.

Have you had a chance to eat at Wahlburgers yet? Let me know on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)!