Why You Should Watch This Reality TV Show

With your host, Julie Chen

January 29, 2019
Julie Chen

© Anthony Behar


Let me start by saying while I don't consider myself a "super fan" of Big Brother, I have been watching since season 5 - they just wrapped up their 20th season over the summer. Additionally, I did attend a casting call in Chicago in an attempt to get on the show - this was probably 9 or 10 years ago. One question they asked was who my favorite houseguest was and for me, it was season 6 and 7's Kaysar Ridha because he was the leader of his alliance and played hard (also likely why he got evicted somewhat early in both seasons).

Last Winter, CBS created a spin-off of the popular reality tv series by inviting 11 celebrities to compete; some of which included Chuck Liddel, Metta World Peace (who surprisingly had no idea what the show was about), and Omarosa (who at the time had recently left the White House). Fast-forward to this Winter (and avoiding major spoilers), season 2 of the celebrity edition of Big Brother is back! This season the cast got a little more familiar (to me at least) Kato Kaelin, former WWE wrestler, Natalie Eva Marie, and Olympians, Lolo Jones, and Ryan Lochte.

Out of all the celebrities this season, I must say, my favorite houseguest is someone I didn't expect to ever see on TV again, Tom Green. Remember the 90's with The Tom Green Show? Yeah, apparently he's been doing standup comedy and his comedic timing is still on point. He has already had some great one-liners and diary room insights in the few episodes that have already aired this season.

Another great thing about both the spin-off and the regular season of CBS' Big Brother is that there are multiple episodes a week; seriously, there are about 3 episodes per week (head of household, veto, eviction). Which means you don't have to wait a week for the next new episode. Sure, that also means higher chances of missing an episode here and there, but you can watch full episodes pretty easily on CBS.com (I know this life well, haha).

With Julie Chen's constant suggestion to 'expect the unexpected' the viewer can expect a lot of twists and turns that can change up the game and even the best-laid strategies. In season 1 of Celebrity Big Brother, a couple of the houseguests quit early - what a competitive buzzkill. I'm hoping that this season, no one quits! The twists in the first few episodes have been great and I really hope they carry them into the regular season.

I think that's all I can say without resisting the urge to give anything away; so with that said, if you watch Big Brother and want to chat about the show, hit me up on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Snapchat)!