What to Expect with the Lux Domes

Cozy up on the rooftop of Cafe Benelux

January 8, 2019
Classic JMatt Pose

You pose on one fireplace mantle in a specific way and you're destined to repeat it for the rest of time, haha! As you can see, I found myself lounging in another new(ish) spot in Milwaukee. This time it was at the cozy little Lux Domes above Café Benelux.

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The Lux Domes popped up out of nowhere on November 27, 2018, and not even 24 hours later, all 6 of the domes were fully booked. Oh no, I thought, I had two different groups interested in checking this out and I underestimated how quickly the word would get out.

In fairness, everyone (both news and social media) was talking about them – it was a really unique idea that I had never seen before. So, I did what everyone else that was too late had to do, sign up for the email list and (impatiently) wait.

Then on December 12, I got the email – a second run of dates had opened up and this time I wasn’t letting the crew down, I booked a date and then texted my 7 other people. Each dome has a capacity for 8 and the price becomes pretty affordable when broken up amongst the group.

lux domes

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After taxes, our dome cost us $224.20 which came out to about $28/person. The price included one dome for 90 minutes for a group of 8 people. It also included a beverage package, we picked the Mulled Wine (house-made German glühwein served warm with cinnamon sticks). It also includes a keepsake camp mug that you get to take with you when the experience ends.

For $28/person, I’d say it was worth it. Our group managed to have about 2 cups of the mulled wine per person (some drank more than others, haha). Not a fan of mulled wine, there are other packages that include Hot Toddies, Bier or for the non-alcoholic groups, there’s classic Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows (though, you still need to be 21 and up).

Our cost was the starter price, during our 90 minutes we could order additional add-on packages including both food and drink, really depends on what your group wants. Rumchata Coffee Service was calling to me, maybe next time!

JMatt with Mulled Wine

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Outside of the drinks, we found Cards Against Humanity under the table top, which was a very pleasant surprise! Talk about an easy way to get everyone to be present in the moment (our group was filled with Instagrammers). I’m still not sure if all the domes were so well insulated and spaced out that we couldn’t hear each other, or if we were the ‘loud’ and ‘rowdy’ dome – I’d like to think we all had great times in our separate domes.

Our server checked in on us after about 20 minutes to see if we wanted to order anything, then again at the half-way mark and finally when it was time for the ‘dome flip’. Dome Flip easily became our group’s favorite phrase of the night! What can I say, we're easily amused - Cards Against Humanity probably didn't help.

Before I forget, I dressed in a t-shirt with a hoodie over it, no winter jacket. I know, I know, don’t tell my Mom, she’d think I was underdressed for the cold weather. But wait! Each dome has a heater that you can adjust, so I didn’t really even notice the cold. If the heater isn’t enough, each dome includes a basket of cozy blankets.

JMatt's Group of 8

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I would definitely recommend checking out the Lux Domes if you have a group of 8 looking for a different experience in Milwaukee. On my way out, I confirmed with their staff that the ice bars that we saw last season would be back in the Third Ward for this season! Fingers crossed temperatures drop so they can return by January 18!