Porch Pirates Thwarted by Epic Glitter Bomb

It was all caught on camera too!

December 18, 2018
Blowing Glitter

What do you do if your Amazon packages constantly get stolen by porch pirates, especially around the holiday season? Well, if your name is Mark Rober (and you happen to be an engineering genius), you set an epic trap! Mark spent SIX months building an elaborate glitter bomb that would catch the entire experience on camera with four possible angles.

If the glitter wasn't enough for the thieves, every 30 seconds a fart spray was automatically dispersed until the package was thrown away (or out of the window in one case). So much thought went into this vigilante justice and when it (spoiler alert) WORKED, Mark gave it to friends to try out - the montage at the end is so satisfying.

He really needs to mass produce this thing and get it out to people who regularly purchase packages and have them mailed to their home. Now, if you're not inventive enough to create your own glitter bomb of mass inconvenience, you should try some of the tactics presented in this article by CNN. Two great ideas from the article point out the importance of tracking your package and if you can, have your package delivered to work or a neighbor that will be home.

Having something you spent your hard earned money stolen from your front door while you're likely off earning more money is so disheartening, I'm happy to see someone like Mark taking action to discourage future thefts by the porch pirates he caught on camera!