New Dating App "Ship" Lets Your Friends Swipe For You

Do you trust your crew enough to hook you up?

January 25, 2019
Ship Dating App

New dating app to try out? Well, as the resident single guy at the radio station, I say sign me up! The app is called Ship by Match Group and Betches and is currently only available to iOS users (sorry Android users – they say it’s coming to you soon).

I downloaded the app and was greeted with a welcome screen including the tagline of “The hook (your friends) up app.” What a fun idea… surely they can pick me some winners! Then I see two options, “I’m single AF” and “I’m not single”. Not going to lie, I legit laughed out loud when I saw the first option!

Then I entered my phone number which prompted a text with a 4-digit code for security. The app requires access to your location and contacts (I assume the latter has to do with your friends hooking you up). Next up is entering your first and last name (not sure why the last name had me skeptical and nothing else up to this point).

The rest of the setup includes: entering your birthdate, gender, height, uploading a profile pic, adding your school (optional), and inserting your job (optional). Done? Great! You can now Invite your friends (you know, the whole premise of the app) – “Ship is better with friends. Dating sucks but your crew has your back. Invite friends to get started.” Skipping that… for now.

All right, we’re ready to start swiping like any other dating app! You’re given two options, you can either swipe for yourself OR for a select friend that you’re connected with. The layout of the app reminds me of a cross between Tinder and Bumble. In your profile, you can adjust the settings to select who you’re interested (men or women), the age range you’d like (18-80), and the max distance (up to 200 miles).

With this being such a new app and while Milwaukee is a big city, it’s not San Francisco/New York/Chicago big. Thus, if you want to improve your selection of people to choose from, you'll want to extend the distance to include Chicago. But as the app catches on (IF it catches on), it’ll be interesting to see if singles show up more on the app in our area.

Now all that’s left is to build my crew and start setting them up with singles in or near Milwaukee (and hope they return the favor)! If you know a good app (dating or otherwise), share them with me on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Snapchat).