JMatt with egg yolk on his shirt

JMatt's Top 10 Brunch Spots in Milwaukee

Did your local favorite make the list?

October 22, 2018

I get asked all the time for recommendations on my favorite brunch spot(s) in Milwaukee and the problem I have is that I rarely revisit the same place within a few months since I have so many places I want to try! But, I must say, I do have a current favorite spot that tops my list.

My personal rule is that it doesn’t count as brunch if you don’t have an ‘adult beverage’ to go along with it; that being said, here are my Top 10 Brunch Spots in Milwaukee!

10. Comet Café – this one is a favorite among locals and I find myself here somewhat regularly as it’s close to where I live on the East Side. It’s a restaurant that is very accommodating to the vegan in your group. Outside of brunch, they have free bacon on Sundays after 6p!

9. Birch + Butcher – I actually just checked their location out on Saturday, they had been on my list for a while! I tried the bagel sandwich and one thing to note… you should squish it before you eat it. Haha. I didn’t realize it was an over-easy egg and it exploded on me (see the header image of this blog). I laughed about it at the time, totally my bad – but that yolk had some serious trajectory!

8. Swingin’ Door Exchange – I ordered The Hangover and didn’t read the menu well because I had no idea it was a breakfast sandwich (a very tasty one at that). The real hero of the brunch was the brussels sprouts that my friends ordered, more helpings of that, please!

7. Hubbard Park Lodge Restaurant – can you say buffet? This is one of those hidden gems that I don’t hear a lot of people talk about, but it has to be on my list! The best part of a brunch buffet is for those mornings that you’re just feeling indecisive about you want, so you get a little of everything!

6. Café Centraal (and any of the other locations like Café Hollander and Café Benelux) – if for no other reason than their patio seating in the summer! But, it doesn’t hurt that all of their locations clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to serving up a great tasting brunch (along with thirst quenching libations)!

5. Brunch – not only is it the name of my favorite meal of the day, it is the name of this restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Here’s a thing that I found on the menu… a BACON flight. Right?! Need I say more?

4. Blue’s Egg – this one makes it into Milwaukee tourist books year after year, a great spot to take visitors from out of town. One of the few places I’m willing to wait an hour for a seat, but it’s well worth it. Monkey bread and any of their hash brown options are a must during your first visit!

3. Engine Company No. 3 – thinking about what should be in my top 3, I remembered it has been too long since my last visit to this spot and I really need to get back. That Quiche Lorraine is on my mind! Maybe it’s time to hit it this weekend!

2. Stella Van Buren – this is a ‘hidden in plain sight’ spot, as it is within The Westin (on Van Buren, just off the highway). Speaking of places I need to go back to soon… the Pecan Praline French Toast – holy wowness, I still dream of that brunch from time to time. The ambiance of their dining room is elegant with high ceilings, plus they have a few spacious booths to accommodate big groups (without pushing a bunch of tables together).

1. Sweet Diner – They made the top because I revisited them twice in a row, there were so many items on the menu I had to try! Yelp has the waitlist feature for this spot, so plan ahead – maybe hit the bar around the corner while you wait for a table. This is one of those places where EVERYTHING on the menu sounds great to try (and a few I want to have again and again). So far, I’ve had the Guiltless Omelette (I try to be healthy, sometimes), the Crème Brûlée Style French Toast, and Cornbread Waffles. I still need to try the chocolate chip pancakes!

I know I’m forgetting a few that didn’t make it on my list; I would love to hear which brunch spots you love in this city, perhaps I even need to add it to my list (Easy Tyger is on it – I keep forgetting they only serve brunch on Sundays)! Hit me up on social media with your suggestions at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat)! Have you been to my number one?