JMatt Visits the Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Morgan Manor, Slaughterhouse, and Torment

October 30, 2018
JMatt at Morgan Manor

Let me go on the record by saying that I don't normally 'do' haunted houses... there has to be peer pressure involved. I'm a nervous laugher (is that even a word?) and while it sounds like I'm having a good time, I'm actually worried about screaming unexpectedly.

The photo above is clearly during the day, we had a special contest where a few winners went through Morgan Manor with Riggs and Alley; we featured the whole experience on our Facebook Live (watch that now). I'd like to say they didn't scare me DURING THE DAY... but, I definitely jumped a handful of times and I saw the scares coming!

At the end of the haunting, they invited me to come back - courtesy of the Wisconsin Fear Grounds - to experience all three haunted houses in all their glory (aka at night and fully-staffed). Small context, during the day, they had a third of their staff making us jump.

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So I came back later that week, last Friday night to be exact and I was able to bring a friend along to scream with. Even though I had been through Morgan Manor during the day, seeing it at night was even more intimidating and our pair joined up with another pair of people who looked equally as nervous as I did.

It wasn't long before I was laughing (nervously) and jumping suddenly throughout the familiar layout that I had seen just days prior. Lighting was different, but they definitely shined the lighting on the right features to make the creepiness shine through. Plus, now the monsters had more places to hide since the sunlight wasn't poking through the cracks.

We make it through Morgan Manor and our additional duo bails on us, we're back down to the two of us for the remaining haunted houses... that would be new to me... in the dark.

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Slaughterhouse was next and dang it, I may have actually shouted once we walked in. The element of surprise clearly got me. Even though I thought I was ready for it. Nope! Still got me. Which only made me more nervous to continue as the 'leader' of our pair. We may have gone a little fast because we actually caught up to the group ahead of us.

I have to say, the monsters/characters had some pretty decent character development going for themselves, as much as I wanted to ignore their comments, they really brought a 'messed up' level to the scares. Pointing out things in the rooms that I may have otherwise missed like the dead husband wrapped up and hanging from the ceiling. Nicely done.

One haunt to go, it's Torment and I have to say, as scared as I got - it was definitely my favorite of the three! It had two rooms that particularly freaked me out. One that you literally couldn't see your hand inches away from your face and another room that was filled with FOG. Not just a little bit coming out of a smoke machine, but thick fog with lasers in the room.

Instantly when I walked into that room of fog, I hated it (in a very lovingly way) - I couldn't tell where the exit was and I just had a bad feeling. Out of nowhere, a monster popped out of the fog and I never saw it coming... even though I had a feeling it was about to go down.

Needless to say, Torment... tormented me. Okay, I couldn't resist that one. But really, it was my highlight.

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I appreciate the Wisconsin Fear Grounds for letting me come and check out all three haunted houses, it was a memorable experience that dare I say... I'd like to have again. But I'm okay with waiting until 2019!

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