How I De-Cluttered My Life in 2 Hours (Maybe 3)

With the help of 1 episode from Marie Kondo

May 7, 2019
JMatt Clutter

Ever since I watched a single episode of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo way back in January I realized that de-cluttering my life or at least get rid of a closet full of clothes would be a snap (Thanos reference)!

Find what sparks joy and I have no idea how to handle the sentimental items because that was covered later in the season, I truly gave the series a good college try… with cliff notes (and by cliff notes, I mean I asked Twitter).

Warwick went on to tell me that it would be harder than I thought, his first attempt he got rid of 1 bag and re-read the book to find 6 more bags worth of donations. Which, when I moved back to the Milwaukee area I did donate about a bag’s worth of clothes, pre-Marie Kondo.

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But since I wasn’t feeling like binging a Netflix series (and reading subtitles for Marie Kondo), I waited for another tweet and my friend, Kitty Cat Matt, came through!

Take all the clothes and dump them in a pile – easy! My real game plan after that was, “if I haven’t worn it in a year, gone!” Granted, yes, easier said than done. But I have been wanting to be more of a minimalist for a while, a long overdue cleansing of my closet if you will.

JMatt Clutter

So, that’s the pile I started with. There were a few items still from High School (which Kitty Cat Matt said has to go first and foremost!). I added to my Instagram story with my starting time of 4:04 pm and I was off – anything stained or with holes (where they shouldn’t be) were thrown in the garbage.

Anything that was salvageable but didn’t… ‘spark joy’ (see, Marie Kondo taught me ONE thing) I put in a bag to be donated. Only, I didn’t expect to fill up a bag so quickly. Then a second bag was full. I could have sworn people said this would be hard!

Soon I was filling up the third bag and I legitimately was getting concerned I’d have nothing left to wear. Apparently, de-cluttering my life was long overdue. Now granted, this was just clothes – but in a small one-bedroom apartment, a lifetime accrual of clothes can take up a lot of space!

JMatt's donation of clothes

At 6:03 pm (just shy of 2 hours) everything I wanted to keep was put away. I had 1 bag full of garbage and 4 bags of clothes to donate (3 primarily of shirts and 1 of pants). I also had a stack of shirts to donate to a local fraternity chapter and another stack to take back to our Madison sister-stations (you know, radio station shirts that I don’t need anymore… because KISS).

By 7:07 pm, everything was donated to Goodwill (and no longer my property) - I didn’t bother with a receipt because who itemizes their taxes?! Then the next day I woke up and you know what I felt about the situation? NOTHING! I had all those clothes that I never wore for what? The knowledge that it was in my closet? Waste of time!

I did find like 3 shirts I forgot that I had buried in the back corner of my closet that now have new life! If you’ve been considering doing the de-cluttering of your life (even if just with the clothes to start), I would highly recommend it. Maybe you’re more attached to ‘stuff’ than I am, but even if you fill ONE bag, that one less stack of junk in your home.

Have you de-cluttered? Are you still putting it off? Hit me up either way on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)!