The Deer District has a Spooky New Look (Fear District is Here)

Open now through Sunday, November 3!

October 8, 2019
Fear District

While Fiserv Forum itself is over a year old, it was around the start of Spring this year when the common area around the arena was officially named the Deer District (which covers the block between W Juneau Ave and W Highland Ave, along N Old World 3rd St). Making this October the first Halloween season of this newer Milwaukee footprint.

With the change of seasons came a new look and feel to the Deer District which is temporarily being known as the Fear District (spooky, I know!). This new attraction will run until Sunday, November 3, 2019, and is open on Thursdays through Sundays (closed Mondays-Wednesdays).

Tickets for Fear District are ON SALE now at! Make sure to stop by one of the four Jack Daniel’s bars serving specialty seasonal cocktails! The Beer Garden will be presented by Door Peninsula Winery and will serve their warm Hallowine in a souvenir mug!

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On Saturdays and Sundays, the Fear District is open for a family-friendly experience by day (until 6 pm) which includes children programming (like face painting and trick or treating). Once 6 pm hits, you’ll see fewer kids and an attempt to scare the grown-ups.

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I checked out the three haunted houses/attractions on Saturday and will include what you can look forward to in each at the bottom of this blog as I don’t want to ‘spoil’ anything if you genuinely want to be surprised by what each has to offer.

Each attraction area has a photo op area, perfect for sharing your experience to social and in our case, there were spooky staff members nearby to help us capture the moment without leaving anyone from our group out (to snap the pic).

Happy Sunday Funday! There's a lot to do in the Deer District today ------ Catch the Bears game at noon & @bucks Open Scrimmage at 2 PM! FEAR DISTRICT is open 2-8 PM with trick or treating from 2-4 PM! Then the @packers take on the Cowboys at 3:25 PM!!

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There’s plenty of food and drink (hello several outdoor bars sprinkled throughout the area) options. Plus, attraction-specific games and psychic readings. On Thursday nights at 7 pm, you can enjoy a free scary movie in the Beer Garden.

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Snag your tickets online ($20 for most people or $15 for seniors 65 and older/kids 12 and under … +service fees). Once you have your digital tickets, pick the line of the attraction you want to start with – you can literally choose any of the three. At the front of the line (just before entering the attraction), they’ll put a wristband on you and scan your tickets (I was worried we'd wait in the line and find out we were in the wrong place to redeem our tickets, so this is helpful to know).

**Spoiler Alert Time**

Okay, I’m not going to provide exact details, but I will tell you what I enjoyed from each. Now, I wouldn’t say that the Fear District is ‘scary’ per se but it was certainly entertaining. I think they have a challenge with each attraction not having a roof, so the bright lights outside of Fiserv Forum casts light into each. Yes, it’s dim but difficult to provide pitch-black hiding spots for the actors, so you can (at times) see the scare coming. This also means you'd be okay with getting either the 6 pm tickets or 8 pm tickets (in my opinion).

Before going in, you read the rules and are informed that they won't touch you (and you can't touch them... aka no fighting back if they scare you, haha). Check out some of the Milwaukee Bucks players make their way through the Fear District...

Vampire Village was our first stop and I’ll say, I really enjoyed the Curtain Maze… I didn’t think it would happen, but I legit got lost at one point and separated from my group (I may have tried to shake them so I could get ahead and scare them myself, that backfired, haha). I ended up running into the group behind us and we scared each other by accident as a result.

Scare Acres was our second stop and of the three, was my favorite. This is one where the actors were able to actually startle me… in the creepy corn maze, there were scarecrows that could pop out of nowhere at a moment’s notice. It was a perfect, tension-building, situation as you’re trying to predict where the next scare will come from. Plus, some of those scarecrow masks/makeups were straight-up creepy.

Dead Man’s Wharf was our final stop and this one actually offered two disorienting experiences. The first was their jail brig maze that had a lot of fog and strobe lights – it’s one of the two places I couldn’t actually tell where I was going until something was about a foot or two in front of me. Then there was this inflatable tunnel, where you had to push your way through and the lights were completely blocked out – pitch blackness at its finest.

I am ‘nervous laugher’ and I... laughed A LOT. Which, for me, is great! I had fun and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. You get three attractions for $20 and each takes over 5 minutes to make it through to the end, I’d say it’s worth the price.

Also, worth pointing out that each attraction is ADA compliant as the halls/paths are wide enough to accommodate those that may be using a wheelchair. Also, for those that scare easily, there are emergency exits throughout each attraction, should you need to tap out early.

Have you had a chance to visit the Fear District? Let me know what you thought on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)!