$1,000 Could be Yours if You Dump Your Smartphone for a Week!

Could you last a week with a flip phone instead?

June 11, 2019

If you have a smartphone (and I’m going to guess that you do), you know how handy having one can be. It also can consume a lot of your time (looking at you, Instagram!). Now, what if I asked, do you think you could go a week without it? Could you do it?

Outside of taking a break from social media, I use my phone as a GPS to get to new locations (or even check the traffic on my way to work). I use it to double check the weather before getting dressed for the day. I use it to listen to music!

Yes, I use my phone a lot – as I’m sure you do too! Well, Frontier Communications is offering $1,000 if you’d be willing to ‘skip your smartphone for a week’. They’re calling their social experiment the 'Flip Phone Challenge' because rather than a smartphone, they’ll give you a basic flip phone for the week.

So, if texting or calling friends and families is something that you need a phone for, don’t worry – they have you covered. Need your phone for GPS or music… they thought of that too, with the ‘Boredom Buster Swag Pack’! Which will come with a paper map AND CDs (hopefully your car still has a CD player – if not, you can always listen to 103.7 KISS-FM, I’ll keep you company during your lunch hour!).

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Fun (and random) fact - to really set you back technologically - the first flip phone was created in 1989 (Motorola MicroTAC). Hopefully, the version they give you isn’t that first version from 30 years ago! By the way, the first iPhone came out nearly 12 years ago.

Back on track… you have until July 1st to decide if you could handle this. Check out their website, FrontierBundles.com, for full details and to enter. This company and their contest are in no way affiliated with our radio station, this was just too good not to talk about!

Is this too concept too extra for you? That’s okay. If you live in California (yes the WHOLE state… okay, close enough to this spot for it to make sense) you could score a free pizza if your group (of four or more) can survive without your phone for the entire visit (like 30-45 minutes… much easier than a week!).

The Curry Pizza Company (in Fresno, CA) is calling it their ‘Talk To Each Other Discount’. They lock your phones away and if you can complete the meal without them, you get a free large pizza to take home or on your next visit for the group.

They also offer an option to donate pizza to the homeless! Which, come on, go with donating food to the homeless whenever there’s an option to do so.

Know of any other fun challenges that involve giving up your smartphone? Hit me up on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok)!