10 Ways to Meet Other Singles in Milwaukee (After College)

Let’s prevent you from being ‘forever alone’!

June 4, 2019
Ice cream date

It’s 2019 and the online dating world has really taken over. There used to be a time, 5 to 10 years ago when it felt taboo to tell people you met someone from online dating or that you had a profile. Now, everyone (okay, not ‘everyone’ but a large portion of the single population) is on Tinder or some other comparable app.

We have more or less gotten into a dating scene with an abundance of options, we’re quick to judge each other for little things we don’t like because we can easily have another option with one swipe of the finger. Which for many, including myself, has made us want to get off dating apps and meet people another way. Only, how did we meet people before the apps?

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This is a discussion I had over the weekend with a single guy friend – once you’re out of college, how do single people meet each other, if not on a dating app? The bar scene is a mess and if you don’t go out often, you may end up as the dreaded meme – forever alone.

I took to KISS’ Facebook and asked the question, “where do singles in their late 20's/early 30's go to meet other single people?” Well, we got a lot of comments, which helped me put together this list of 10 Ways to Meet Other Singles in Milwaukee (After College) – because let’s be serious, it’s easier to meet singles in college.

  1. Breweries/Beer Gardens/Bars: Okay, yes, I’m starting with the one we don’t really want to end up with. But it is an option. Now, I know that Water Street is for the college kids, and so is Brady Street to an extent. To get away from the college scene, there are a few bars around Cathedral Square and Walker’s Point is another area to meet singles.
  2. Mutual Friends: Okay, this is another tricky one because why haven’t your friends hooked you up with their friends already? Haha. It IS an option, but it takes time and it doesn’t happen for everyone.
  3. Meetup: I wouldn’t consider this ‘app’ a dating app because you join groups around your interest. Sure, there are likely other singles in the group you join, but you have to make the effort to show up at a ‘Meetup’. The nice thing is that at the events, you already have the common interest. If you can’t find your group, create one and host your own meetups! Additionally, you could consider volunteering somewhere.
  4. Sporting Events/Sports Leagues: Do you enjoy beach volleyball? Grab some friends and sign up for a league at Bradford Beach! Dodgeball more your thing? Cool, there’s probably a league for that. Softball/Kickball… there’s a league for you!
  5. Concerts: Meeting someone at a concert is a great option because you know you both like the band and possibly the genre of music. Plus, if you go with a friend, instant wing-man/woman!
  6. Festivals: There are so many festivals in Milwaukee during the summer, pick one (or several) and go meet people. Such an easy group activity, which means so many extra wing-people to help you find someone that you may connect with!
  7. Grocery Store: I’ve heard mixed reviews about hitting on people here, but maybe you can see them grab produce or notice something in their cart and see what they think of it, suggesting that you’ve always wanted to try it (shout out to Darcy Adams who started that idea off on the Facebook post). Bond over food! Also, James Jeffry's comment of “if you’re a man looking for a woman, try Target. If you’re a woman looking for a man, go to Home Depot!” was perfect! Shopping is shopping, just know WHERE to shop!
  8. Dog Park: Step one, get a dog (or borrow a friend’s dog). Step two, profit. Okay, that’s a Cards Against Humanity reference, but dogs are so inviting! No dog? Just go to a regular park.
  9. Library: Go find someone reading a book you’re interested and ask what they think of it – maybe avoid the cheesy lines like “if you were a book, I’d pick you up!”
  10. Church: No, I’m not religious, but you might be. AND if you meet someone at church, you could consider them the answer to your prayers!

Bonus) Speed-Dating Events: I have actually attended two speed dating events, just outside of Milwaukee and while they were an experience, they don’t occur that regularly. If you can find an event hosted near you, what do you have to lose? Give it a try!

Bonus) Match-making Services: This one can get a little pricey, but if you’re serious about finding someone, it could be a good option for you. I know of “It’s Just Lunch” which has a local matchmaking service.

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Bonus) Dating Apps: I didn’t want to include this with the 10, but it is an option and there are apps outside of Tinder worth trying. Bumble is decent, especially since it gives women the power to make the first move (or not). One I recently discovered to have a good selection (I just cringed when I wrote ‘selection’, but I don’t have a better word for it) in Milwaukee is an app called Hinge.

You get a few facts about the person and some pictures – you then ‘like’ and have an option to add a comment on something in their profile which allows the person to decide if they’d like to match with you and continue the conversation. If you’re ‘done’ with dating apps but willing to give them one last try I’d recommend Hinge.

Some actually joked on the Facebook post, that you could just private message someone that voiced that they were single in the thread. If I manage to set two people up from that post – you HAVE to tell me, it would be epic! Mollie Wyler also suggested KISS host single events and let me tell you, I’ve already told people here at work about that idea. Fingers crossed! Haha.

Alright, that’s all I can come up with. Do you have any ideas, not on the list above? Hit me up on social media at @JMattMke (same handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok) to let me know!