10 Taco Tuesday Destinations for Your Milwaukee Bucket List!

Have you been to all the locations on this list?

May 14, 2019

I really didn’t think I was going to be able to think of 10 taco shops that I’ve been to, worthy of making the list and then I quickly thought a top 10 list wouldn’t have enough spots. So like any good countdown, I have bonus restaurants that just didn’t make the cut.

Mexican cuisine is definitely my go-to meal when I otherwise don’t know what I have a hunger for …because tacos are always the right answer! My list includes some non-traditional options and a few authentic Mexican restaurants – all of which I’ve eaten at. Also, I often favor Pollo/chicken tacos as my meat of choice (with a few exceptions).

10. Café El Sol in Latino Arts (Facebook)

This is an authentic Puerto Rican and Mexican restaurant located underneath the United Community Center/Latino Arts and I didn’t even know it was there until I visited one of the art exhibits. My big takeaway was the amount of food for the price (which not that a lot of Mexican cuisine is that expensive) - I rarely take food to go, but this was one of those times. Side note – apparently, they are quite known for their Latin-style Friday Fish Fry.

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9. Cantina (IG: @CantinaMilwaukee)

Okay, I have to admit this is my foggiest taco recall… this was my last stop after a long Saturday of day-drinking. I’m purely going off of how I ‘felt’ at the moment and I remember feeling satisfied with the meal and thinking that I had to come back (and I will!).

⚡️ Tacos til 11pm & Tallboys til 2am ⚡️

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8. The Laughing Taco (IG: @TheLaughingTacoMKE)

With two locations I’ve been to (Walker’s Point and recently in the Crossroads Collective), I’ve experienced their tacos a few times (mostly the Trompo, Gringa, and Campechano). They don’t have any chicken options, but what they do have makes up for it. Boozy slushies (I know, not a taco), don’t let the size fool you – these are strong AF.

Need some fruit -- in your diet? We have the perfect solution!!! Come taste our DELICIOUS CUCUMBER LIME TEQUILA SLUSHIE -- Today and tomorrow only!!! (while supplies last) Collab with @petespops . #thelaughingtaco #mke #petespops #tacos #slushies #green #bucks #perfectlunch #perfectdinner #weekendmood

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7. Margarita Paradise in Milwaukee Public Market (IG: @MargaritaParadise_MKE)

I love visiting the Milwaukee Public Market and while they have so many great options, I find myself sitting at the bar of Margarita Paradise the most! Straight-forward tacos that hit the spot! Their Taco Tuesday special is 3 for $5 tacos.

Taco ‘bout a colorful meal! Yummm-- #tacotuesday

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6. Vagabond (IG: @VagabondMKE)

First of all, the décor of this restaurant is worth checking out if for no other reason that the streetcars built into the flow of the dining experience. Great late music selection too. But the tacos still have to be on point to be included and they certainly are (specifically their Gringo Pollo and Jamaican Jerk)! Oh and since this is all about Taco Tuesdays… they offer $2 tacos on Tuesday (and Thursday)!

Serving up $2 Tacos all day! #taco #tacothursday #margarita #tequila #mke #milwaukee

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5. La Casa De Alberto (Facebook)

My buddy from our sister station, Aaron, started a weekly tradition of Mexican Mondays where there’s an open invitation to meet up for dinner at La Casa De Alberto and I make it about once a month. They offer authentic Mexican cuisine and their food is consistently good which is likely one of the big reasons we come back so often - their friendly staff doesn’t hurt either.

Last taco stop before heading home. Milwaukee you were a blast and we were very lucky to meet a couple awesome tour guides! Until next time! #tacotourusa #tacotour #tacotrip #tacos #tacolove #ladieswholovetacos #milwaukee #wisconsin #clevelandvisits

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4. BelAir Cantina (IG: @belaircantina)

They have a strong sticker game and I definitely have a few! My flex about this spot is that I have been coming here since they first opened their Water Street location back in 2010 when my friend was the bar manager and created the Nic-arita that I ordered every visit. Anyways, enough of memory lane – pro tip: order the Secret Taco (no, it’s not on the menu and I still have no idea what’s in it, but it’s a must!).

BREAK(fast)ING NEWS: Our new menu offers breakfast tacos. All day, every day. . . . . . . #BreakfastTacos #Margaritas #SaltedRim #Tacos #Tequila #ChipsAndSalsa #PoweredByTacos

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3. Taco Bar (Facebook)

This is a newer spot but I often find myself here after bar close (or close to it) – late-night tacos anyone? At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve had just about every taco on the menu (one time was a little excessive with 5 in one sitting – I still say it was worth it!). They also have quite the assortment of tequilas behind the bar and frozen drink in their slushie machine too.

This baby’s good..

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2. Taqueria Los Comales (Facebook)

We went late on a Friday night and I have no idea what we ordered because my friend brought me and everyone was speaking Spanish. They all saw how confused I looked, smiled and took care of it. Orchata (aka Rice Milk, I think) – was a new experience for me but now I'm hooked. THEN a giant plate of what had to be at least 20 tacos came out (for our group)… who orders that many tacos?! That seems like I move I’d make, think I’m saying 5 and 20 come out. No, it wasn’t a mistake and of course, we ate a lot of them (and took the rest home).

Say hello to Taco Tuesday from Taqueria Los Comales in Clarke Square. It's a near picture perfect Tuesday to end the day with some tacos, beans, rice and everything nice! (Photo credit to Peter H via Yelp) . -- -- -- -- . #milwaukeefood #milwaukeefoodies #eeeeeats #eeeats #tacosofinstagram #tacoseveryday #yums #foodporn #taconight #tacosbae #tacotime #tacotuesday #tacos #taco #milwaukee #mkexplore #mkeeats #milwaukeeeats #mkerestaurants #mkemycity #mkefoodies #mketacos #foodiehub #dinnerideas #walkerspoint

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1. Mazorca Tacos (IG: @MazorcaMKE)

The food truck wins this for me – if you’re in the Fifth Ward/Walkers Point area (and it’s not Winter), make sure to grab a taco from Mazorca! I found myself here a lot during Summerfest last summer, a great quick taco just before a night of music! They don’t even offer chicken tacos and yet, I just don’t care.

It’s spring and Mazorca is open again! The Birria is on my list of best MKE tacos! #taco #tacos #tacotruck #mkefoodie #authentic #yum #tortillas

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I. Meat On The Street (IG: @MeatOnTheStreet)

This one I’m adding because they’re not necessarily known for their tacos (yet), they are an authentic Filipino food restaurant (and food truck) and recently started serving tacos… on Tuesdays (as should be the standard for all restaurants, haha!). I’m pretty sure they have a brunch taco – I’m like 90% sure that’s a thing.

Just trying to survive Monday.. because tomorrow is TACO TUESDAY! . 10a-9p at our food stall location inside @eleven25atpabst food hall. Filipino tacos - carnivore, vegetarian, and brunch available. . Festuring the 24 taco platter $48+tax photo @untitledartmedia

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II. Café Corazon (IG: @CorazonRiverwest)

Okay, I wrote my Top 10 Brunch Spots list and didn’t include Café Corazon because I hadn’t been – I have since been to the Riverwest location and they have a stellar brunch. I still need to go back for a taco and I have friends that rave about these tacos (I’ve also seen the plates of tacos leave the kitchen – will try, soon).

Tacos, come and get your tacos! $2 tacos all day every #tacotuesday ! +++ $5 margaritas + BOGO Mexican beers ! --: @juleseatsmke #mke

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III. Mr. Señors (Facebook)

Street tacos at its finest… only I can’t confirm that because while I’ve walked by their order window countless times on Murray, I never have cash on me (I just read about how there’s an ATM across the street… which I frequently overlook). My friends say that these are up there for best tacos in Milwaukee – I need to make a point to have cash on me one of these nights!

Happy National Taco day! #nationaltacoday #tacos #missmke #yummy #foodie #foodporn #instagood

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