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How Much Is Aaron Rodgers Worth?!

Green Bay Packers QB Talks New Contract

March 9, 2017

If Tampa Bay backup QB Mike Glennon could get as much as $15M per year as a free-agent, just how much is Aaron Rodgers worth?

Rodgers has been one of the league's most valuable players for the better part of a decade, as his career passing rating is an NFL-best at 104.1, in addition to coming off a season where he posted 40 touchdowns with just seven interceptions while also completing 65.7 percent of his throws. 

According to NBC Sports, Rodgers should be getting $30M per year based on the increases in the salary cap since the last time he signed a new contract, as since 2013, the cap has rocketed from $123M TO $167M.

Rodgers' problem is that he already signed a contract that runs through 2019. With that, he'll make $13.65M this year, $20.9M next year, and $21.2M in 2019.

If the Packers choose not to compromise, he’ll have to ask himself whether he’s willing to withhold services during the voluntary portions of the offseason program and/or during mandatory minicamp and training camp in order to get what he wants.