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The Bachelor Just Came Out With Its Own Wine!

December 9, 2016

The Bachelor just came out with a brand new way to play a Bachelor drinking game! They are introducing their own brand of wines and they will definitely be your new favorite watching partner.  The wines come in three varieties, The Fantasy Suite Cabernet Sauvignon, One on One Chardonnay, and The Final Rose rosé. The best part? They are only $15.96 per bottle. According to their website, the "sensuous California wines" are made to "take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is 'The Bachelor.'"  All three wines are available for pre-order in 36 states and are scheduled to ship on December 14.  The premiere of the new season of The Bachelor is scheduled for January 2, so we don't have long to wait! Added bonus, the bachelor this season, Nick Viall, is from Waukesha and attended college at University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. I don't know about you but I can't wait to starting watching, and drinking, this season!