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Star Says He Was Diagnosed in 2011

November 21, 2018

Danny Roberts, former star of The Real World: New Orleans has revealed that he has been diagnosed with HIV.

Roberts did an interview with Entertainment Weekly recently where he revealed he was diagnosed after a phone call with his doctor in 2011.  Roberts, who is 41-years-old now, currently lives in New York City and has a 2-year-old daughter he adopted.  

He starred on The Real World back in 2000.  And if you remember watching the show, he had a boyfriend at the time who was in the military and had his face obsucred on the show so he wouldn't be discharged from the military for the "Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy" that has now been repealed. 

Danny told Entertainment Weekly, "The reason I want to share this story is that I spent so long battling and beating myself up for my own misconceptions and bigotry".

I gotta tell you, I remember watching Danny on this show and it's hard to believe that was 18 years ago!  And in case you missed it, Real World is making a comeback to Facebook in 2019!