So I Fell In Love This Week...

I Have To Tell You About The New Love In My Life

February 14, 2019

So, I've been meeting a LOT of new people over the last couple months, but this one def takes the cake!  And if it doesn't give you all the feels, well then I have no more words for you! 

First of all...if you assumed that I was in love with Travis Shaw, third basemen for the Brewers, then you need to get your mind out of the gutter!  LOL!   However, this amazing story DOES have something to do with Travis, his wife Lindy and their adorable daughter who suffers with Congenital Heart Disease. AND stay tuned, because I'm gonna tell you how you could possibly be hanging out with Travis Shaw from the Brewers....

It all started a month ago or so when I met a new friend, Callie, at Cafe Hollander in Tosa for lunch.  Callie had recently lost her 6-month-old son, Theo, to Pediatric Congential Heart Disease.  She told me about spending everyday at Children's Hospital with Theo, until he passed away early last year. 

I was moved by her story.  I couldn't even imagine losing a child!   I certainly took my childrens health for granted after they were born.  I remember pulling out of the hospital lot with my new baby, not even THINKING about the other moms and dads who didn't get to leave.  Like Callie and Theo.  And some NEVER get to leave.  Like Theo.  Theo lost his battle with Pediatric Heart Disease.  Check out the adorable pic of Theo below.  RIP little buddy.  

BUT, the good news is that Callie such a strong, amazing person that she has put all that grief into something positive....helping other kids that have Congential Heart Disease, just like her little Theo did.  So when she asked if I wanted to Emcee their first ever Heart and Sole 5K Run/Walk at Miller Park, I couldn't wait to help!  

And here's where I REALLY fell in love........check out little Diamond below.  I got the chance to meet her when filming a promo for the walk and let me just say MY HEART MELTED!!  I almost ran out of Children's Hospital with her, but I figured a kidnapping charge would do me no good.  LOL!

Little Diamond just turned 2 and also has Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease.  She has been a little fighter her whole life and I got the chance to meet her mom, grandma and siblings also.  How they all get through it is beyond me!  Such strong people! 

The Heart and Sole 5k Run/Walk is happening on Saturday, June 22nd at Miller Park and I hope you all can join us!  Check out the website and all the information on how to get involved HERE! 

OR if your prefer to hang on FB, you can check out the FB page HERE!

NOW, how does Milwaukee Brewer Travis Shaw all come to be involved with this?  Well, as I stated above, he and his wife have a little girl(pictured below) with Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease.  Could she be any cuter??  AND the top fundraising team from the walk has the chance to meet Travis!  So get your teams together and go register NOW!  

ALSO, I wanted to make sure I told you about this during Congenital Heart Disease Week, which runs from February 7-14.  Please join us and sign up or form a team today!  We will see you at Miller Park in June!