Milwaukee Southsider Lands Global Modeling Campaign!

I Guarantee You've Been In This Store Before!

May 8, 2019

We were so excited to have one of our very good friends on the show today to talk about HIS BIG BREAK!!! 

So, meet Alvin.  I just adore Alvin! 

Meet Alvin.  He's Doing Big Things.
Meet Alvin. He's Doing BIG Things.

We met him when he came to the radio station to shoot some video for his YouTube Channel(feel free to check out his personal YouTube channel HERE)!  

Anyway, he came in and from there an instant friendship was formed! 

Here's a little bit about Alvin before I tell you anymore about his BIG BREAK!  He is 27 and grew up on the South Side with his "Big Mexican Family" as he put it!  lol!  Love it!  He works in Mayfair Mall at Abercrombie and Fitch which leads to the AWESOME STORY I'm about to tell you!  

Well, fast forward to the present day...So, being the cutie he is, he DID NOT like it when he saw a YouTube video from Shane Dawson, which claimed Abercrombie and Fitch sprayed fragrance in the air to convince people to buy more?  And he also mentioned the music(Yes, we all know the music at A&F and are familiar with it) and claimed it pumped your adrenaline to get you to buy more etc......Point is this people....Alvin saw the video and wanted to do a rebuttal, since he works at A&F and knows that none of this is true.  

Well, Alvin did a rebuttal video on his YouTube Channel and his District Manager from A&F saw the video and selected Alvin to be one of the faces of their NEW #FaceYourFierce Campaign!!  Check out the new Campaign pic that broke today with Alvin in it below! 

Alvin Debuting In The New Abercrombie and Fitch Campaign!

GO ALVIN!!!  Nothing makes me more proud than seeing a local guy make it big!  And Alvin is just the sweetest so he couldn't deserve it more!!  

We Are So Happy For You Alvin!

So next time you are at Mayfair Mall, or ANY Abercrombie and Fitch, make sure you look for Alvin in the store....anywhere from THE WINDOWWWWWSSS TO THE WALLLLSSS!  LOL!


You can always find Alvin as well on Instagram @alvinpants! 

Have a great week everyone!