Lizzo Talks About How She Became the Artist She is Today!

Some NSFW language, but I know you’re going to love it!

July 1, 2019

I am a huge fan of Lizzo and was beyond excited when I heard that I would be interviewing her before her Summerfest show on Thursday, June 27! One reason I absolutely love her is for her efforts around female empowerment along with her positive body image and all the things she does for us women!

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Lizzo motivates me, so my first question for her was, who inspires Lizzo? She motivates herself! In the context of my comments about motivating women, she said, “I’m doing it for myself and women are getting inspired by that to do it for themselves.” She’s out here trying to live her best life (being herself) and women are getting inspired by that!

We know that Lizzo has lived in Michigan and Minnesota, but how much time has she spent here in Wisconsin? She did her project “Big GRRRL, Small World” in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This is also her second time in Milwaukee – years ago she opened for B.o.B at Summerfest (back in 2014 on the Miller Lite Oasis stage to be exact). In her words, “we weren’t ready to play that stage, it was crazy.” She has come so far since that show, hopefully, she plays the American Family Insurance Amphitheater next year!

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Summerfest is a huge venue to play for, where else does Lizzo want to perform at? “I want to play Madison Square Garden, that’s like every artist’s Rock dream… they want to sell out the Garden.” Lizzo goes on to joke (but serious at the same time), “I’m basic, I got the same damn dream!” Also, on her list, even though she has played this venue already, selling out Red Rocks as a headliner would be incredible to her.

When it comes to fangirling, you may be surprised to hear that she doesn’t really ‘freak out’ with anyone in particular. “I get just excited to see Rihanna as I get to see like the waiter bring out my mac n cheese.” Yes! “I think everyone really deserves that energy.” She doesn’t save certain energy for specific people, in her eyes, no one is higher or lower than anyone else!

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One of the things that I love about her album, “Cuz I Love You”, is that it has a song for every mood that I’m feeling! It’s been so long since I could just sit and listen to an entire album without feeling motivated to skip through it. Her favorite song off the album right now is, “Soulmate”.

Personally, I’m on a “Water Me” kick, but I love the whole album! Though the song came out so long ago that Lizzo barely considers it part of her album, she was happy to hear it, only confirming the decision to include it on this album.

She has come so far, what would she say to her younger self? Nothing! Haha! “I would stay away from her, I would let her do her thing. You know the butterfly effect, I don’t want to f*** this up!” It’s true, it did work out really well for her!

When it comes to misogyny, how does Lizzo handle those kinds of guys? “You know…” Lizzo then clears her throat and simply says, “I don’t.” Haha! Perfectly put! Both men that are afraid of a strong woman and love a strong woman, they all love Lizzo (at least in her words)! And why wouldn’t they?!

We all have bad days from time to time, what does Lizzo do take care of herself? She takes it to the basics, her senses. “What am I touching right now, what am I smelling … what am I tasting.” She’s a Taurus and is very sensory-oriented, “I always try to make my physical body as comfortable as possible because I know my emotional body is going through it.” It’s a balance!

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Lizzo is blowing up and you know she’s getting calls and texts from so many people interested in working with her. She wouldn’t say directly who that included, she did eventually say that Kacey Musgraves has texted her (no collabs in the works as of now, but they’re both interested in each other)!

She is also passionate about the flute (check out @SashaBeFluting on Instagram!) and initially picked it up by listening to James Galway’s album, “The Man with the Golden Flute”. She later studied the flute in college and was going to go to the Paris Conservatory and play in a Wind Symphony …but she chose Rap instead! I love that she did!

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She also studied piano and dabbled with the guitar. “If you ask my friends, they say she can bullsh** her way through any instrument.” I 100% believe that! Lizzo also had the opportunity to spend some time with Prince and in her words, “I really went into Paisley Park as a musician and I left as an artist.”

I could easily have talked to Lizzo all day if they let me, I absolutely love her and loved seeing her perform live at Summerfest to a crowd of 10,000+ people!

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